City Drug of Bridger Valley has hometown values guiding our decisions to provide you the best care possible.

Mission Statement

Caring Beyond Prescriptions

Our mission is to be the patient’s health advocate by consistently providing the best solution for the patient with the best customer experience. We believe that the patient is an extension to our individual, work, and community families. We will strive to cultivate our relationships with each other, our patients, and our community.
Company Values

  • Absolute Accountability – We believe in taking extreme ownership of every situation we find ourselves in. We believe in showing up and giving our best for ourselves, our team, and our community. This includes taking initiative to solve patient concerns/problems.

  • Growth Mindset – We have a desire to fill in the gaps of our current knowledge. We have a drive to grow and learn new things that may improve our lives, our patient’s lives, and the business. We do not mind challenging the status quo in an effort to improve.

  • Allergic to Average – We desire to be the very best at what we do. We will not be exceeded when it comes to our drive for excellence in all that we do. Our patients will feel a difference in how they are experiencing pharmacy services. We appreciate past victories while also striving for continual improvement.

  • Snapping is for Rubber Bands – We strive to have an attitude that uplifts those around us. We will find a way to show kindness to all those we encounter. We handle stress and a high pace environment with teamwork and grace. We understand that our patients and team members have outside stressors, and we choose to build up.

  • Do the Right Thing – We do the right thing at the right time in the right way. We believe that any solution or product or service that we offer should have the patient’s best interest at heart. We willstrive, in all that we do, to do right by the patient, the provider, our team, and the business.