Now Offering COVID-19 Antibody Testing, Antigen Testing, and the vaccine.

Antibody Test: $40 – Pin prick test. Shows if you currently have COVID-19 antibodies. Within Uinta County, you may stop your quarantine immediately with a positive antibody test result.

Antigen Test: $60 – Nasal swab test. Shows if you currently have the COVID-19 virus. Come to the storefront curbside and a pharmacist or pharmacist tech will come to your car to administer the test.

Vaccine: $0 City Drug offers the Pfizer (2 shots), Moderna (2 shots), and Janssen (1 shot).
Booster shots are now available.
Pfizer Guideline: Recommended for individuals 12 years and older. There are 2 doses – each 3 weeks apart.
Moderna Guideline: Recommended for individuals 16 years and older. There are 2 doses – each 4 weeks apart.
Janssen Guideline: Recommended for individuals 18 years and older. A second dose is recommended 2 months after the first one.
Pfizer, Moderna, & Janssen Booster Guideline: Recommended for individuals 65 years or older or frontline medical workers to take the booster 6 months after their last shot.

Both tests are available within the store at any time. The vaccine is available on Fridays only. Come into the store and request the tests and vaccine.

Click here to schedule your vaccine appointment.